Originally specialising in the design and implementation of computerised production and stock control systems, project management and resource costing, later applications have included fleet management, local authority project monitoring and costing, hotel reservations, payroll and retail administration as well as web site design and construction. Today, most new systems are developed using browser-based technology including the PHP programming language, SQL databases, Javascript and HTML.
A website can be stylish, fresh and up-to-date without being expensive.
Most content in modern sites is stored in a database so that displays can be tailored exactly to match the needs of the viewer.
Increasingly, staff are accessing company administration applications via the internet, from any location, worldwide.
See our WEBSITES page for some examples of recently-created sites - and our own layman's guide to the internet.
Using a consultant to help plan your IT needs can save both time and money. Even with suitable skills in-house, the additional work required when installing a new system or procedure can put unacceptable strains on your existing work force.
An independent consultant can take a detatched view of your business or organisation and define your needs in terms comprehensible to suppliers. Also, a consultant's knowledge of latest developments in the industry can often reduce time-consuming research. See our CONSULTANCY page for more details.

We, as Wolff Systems, have a long history of working with UK local government. Our Resource Manager application was first used for inter-departmental charging, project costing and employee time management as long ago as 1988, and, many versions later, is still used today. See our LOCAL GOVERNMENT page for more details
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